Saturday, December 31, 2011

t o d a y' s f a v :

Cool Pic via Digital Mukmin

Tick... tock.. tick.. tock... the clock is ticking! and it shown almost 7 pm.... phieewww.... another several hours and we gonna meet the exciting '2012'.... yeay ! But, still rumors spread around regarding this year of 2012.... some said its the end of the world.... the year of Armageddon... and some said a massive exploded from the center of the earth gonna happen... I dunno, me as Muslim we believe in Allah's will... we can't predict what will gonna happen tomorrow... However, kita redha dan pasrah dengan Qada' & Qadar yang telah ditentukan... Okay enuff 'bout the world's end....

New story.... Well, maybe u wondering why I'm posting a pic of an old man riding a red bike?? Yeah.... its Fixie-Bike duhhh... anyway, I just want to share a trend happen here in Terengganu.. (well, maybe its long time start already but me just knew about this !!! hahahhahaha). Since I spent my year end holiday here, I saw youngster riding this cool bike everywhere around KT. My hubby said it started in Klang valley... of course la kan! I'm so excited seen this scenario... there are in red, fuschia pink, orange, lime green and more... I wish to hav 1... seem sooooo cooool... but when will I hav time & better place in KL to ride? 

This cool bike name Fixie Bike and also known as a Fixed-gear Bike. As mentioned in this blog page, it is a single speed bike, where there is no free wheel. Instead, the pedals are linked directly to the wheel. This has a few consequences. First, it means you cannot have multiple speeds, since every movement you do with the pedals translate directly on the wheel. It also means that you cannot move the pedals at all without moving the wheels. Finally, it means you don’t really need a separate breaking system, since simply stopping the pedals in their tracks will stop the wheel, and force the bike to stop. The way this is done is by using a sproket, linked between the chain and the wheel. A typical bike has multiple cogs that link together, and that allows the chain to move in a free way between the various cogs. Instead, the single sproket locks the chain in place, which is also attached to the pedals. That way, fixie bikes have a direct link between the pedals and tires, and are also less complex to build.

Have a 'raining' New Year Eve frens! huh.... daaaa... who's gonna celebrate wif me? **sigh...again**

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