Sunday, January 1, 2012

f e s t i v . n o t i s : it's New's 2012 yaw!

my ideas for New Year Eve outfit... but it just a dream! hahahhaha...

Happy New Year darling!! Its already past midnite.... and I wish all the best & hav another great journey through out the year folks! How's your countdown? well my countdown going not so well... yeah, me alone & the wind just blew aggressively just now... I feel like my house shaking sooo bad & I just.... gulp... aaaaaahhhhhhh.... dunno what to say! Viva forever 2011, welcome 2012... please be nice wif me ya! mmmuuuuaaaaaccchhh.... Have a sparkling, dazzling & shining year dear!

**p/s*** to all Muslim don't forget to solat okay!

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