Friday, July 27, 2012

i n s p i r a s i : 27.07.2012

owhhh... shweeettt! I lov vintage look. Red lip is a must this coming Eid.. yeah, not to forget those vintage+dusty gold bracelet.

* mission : red lipstick hunting... sigh**

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inspired via karlas closet

Friday, July 20, 2012

t o d a y 's f a v: GOLD!

What are u into rite? Whats your fav accessories? I fell in love with GOLD. yeah... bling..bling... I think its kinda in trend to wear a little bit gold to complete your look. Dun be afraid... theres a lot of fake stuff with cheap price tag to style with.. no kidding! Its not some kinda 'makcik-makcik' style already!

Lets rock yourself with gold.

ooookaayhhh! gold watch - check. gold necklace - check. gold ring - check. ermmm... gold nail polish??? naaahhh... psssttt... All of this I got from uptown market only... fake is great (well... the only place I can afford :D)...

Have a lovely 1st Ramadhan weekend folks!

[pic story]
1- gold nails art - AnOther
2- gold watch - middle child complex
3- gold accessories - karlas closet