Wednesday, December 21, 2011

t o d a y' s f a v :

wow.... its candy-rainbow Holy Quran ! love this so much... what u guys think of the 1st pic? yeah... at 1st me thought its some kind of jello or 'kuih lapis'... so sweet & absolutely suitable for girls yet also perfect for a gift either for your lover or as a wedding 'hantaran'... I found this through Dian Pelangi from Indonesia. OMG.. she such beautiful as her name! Her name brings the 'Rainbow' too as 'Pelangi = Rainbow'... Ok lets cut the info... I'm not sure where exactly we could buy this beautiful Quran. As Dian mentioned, try catch up with sweet girl thru her twitter @fisaaprillio. Unfortunately, its in Indonesia not Malaysia. so... anyone who plan to go to Indonesia just let me know okay! Have a blessful & spritual day my frens... and dont forget to solat ye!!

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all picas via Dian Pelangi


  1. hello,
    how can i get this book
    thank in advance

  2. hi there,
    truth is... i'm not sure where u can hav this.. but u can try asking sweet girl name fisa aprillio thru her twitter... u can click her name in my post to get to her link... hav a good day!


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