Friday, March 30, 2012

i n s p i r a s i: 30.03.2012

*Resume with photo*
*cheerful with colours*

*interesting graphic & colours*

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*simple...less is more*

For those who are still looking for a job, how will u prepare your resume? Kinda boring & regid & old? Why dun ya try this new layout of resume created by loft resume graphic designer. Awesome aite!! But maybe not applicable on some 'traditional' office... For us in design field, it is an interesting entry to compete for interview. This is how u can makeover your old resume to stand out among others. Ya lah... too much freshies & rivals out there more than nos of position available in market. I read about this through A Cup of Jo (well...i'm sooo admired with her words & ideas). U can check it out more design here.

Good Luck dear!

Monday, March 26, 2012

OMG : it's Sand Painting Art!

This fascinating sand art made by San Francisco based artist, Andreas Amador. He creates large scale sand paintings primarily on beaches along the California coast using his only tool - Rake. I found this beautiful art through my fav blog all the time... honestly WTF. Have an artsy working day folks!

Friday, March 23, 2012

w o n d e r f u l w e e k e n d !

'Home Sweet Home'.... a magical words for a day before weekend! tick..tock..tick.... aduiiii...lambat la ko jam ni! another 30 mins to go felt like 3 hours eva... arrggghhhh !! i'm in pain of waiting... **bored face already!**.... ermmm, what u guys plan for weekend?? me just stay home do some fun stuff ( cleaning + laundry + cooking + babysit my niece & nephew + another rerun of 'Lawak Ker Der?' ).... sound great to u?? (*____*)

Happy great weekend fellas!

[pic story]
Doll beg from shopruche blogspot

t o d a y' s f a v: 'Sarsi Popsicle'!

Hola readers... (if any...i guess!!?). Sorry for a quite long hiatus. Seem pretty much works to be solve lately! oooohhhhh, what a hot & exhausted day ahead... It is 'summer' hit KL rite now! the weather soooo uncomfortable. I always felt exhausted & sometime I do feel like fever.... dah rase suam-suam kuku dah! Adoiya pun... Time2 hot macam ni rase mcm nk mkn popsicle sarsi just like the pica above... reminds me on my childhud feveret... what 'bout u??

Hav a cool working days ( i knew ur office got aircond aite?) !!

[pic story]
coke popsicle via endlesssimmer

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Striking Art Statement !

White wall + Striking Color pallete + Art = Awesome Artistic Living Home. This gorgeous piece designed by Pedro Ribeiro Pita. Just got the 'It' inspiration idea for my crib. Its really bold & modern yet minimalis mood. Be brave in color & smart in application.... Have a bright & striking day!

[pic story]