Monday, December 5, 2011

t h e p a l l e t t e : 05.12.2011

Colour will make your day either brighten u up or just a medium to show your mood... as red represent anger or braveheart... pink represent softness... black is for sorrow & rebellious... yellow will show u are in happy day... and blue is just another your cool day... am I rite? Well, i love colours... all colours is my favourite! sometimes I feel like to wear pink... sometimes I choose blue or green... but most of the time is black. However, it doesn't mean I'm always in darkness. It just my fav colour for my wardrobe... In Malaysia, we use colour to represent an important celebration such as Green for 'Hari Raya Eidulfitri'.... Red for 'Chinese New Year'.... Purple for 'Deepavali' and Red & Green for 'Christmas'. As shown in the pic above, the colour combination is so lovely & bright. The pic which I took from google photo bank shows a traditional Indian food. I do admire Indian people. The know how to wear colours. That's why they are synonym with 'Rangoli' (is it the correct spelling??)... which means colours... So, people lets colour your life with beautiful colour's pallette...

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