Saturday, December 31, 2011

w o n d e r f u l w e e k e n d !

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It's raining man... hallellujah! It's raining man.... oopppsyy... it's raining day! here in Terengganu it's raining for the past 2 weeks... Well, December is monsoon season for us in east cost state... And I believe its raining all over the country! Yeah, we heard the news. Its terrible to know some part of the state been crash with bad weather... the beach along side of Dungun, Marang and others area badly damage... whereas the big wave hit the sea shore and broke some of the road & pavement! People said when the monsoon arrive, the riff could reach max to 15 feet height... sound scary! But its heaven for die hard surfer.... hahhahahaha.... However, I love this season (at least on 2011 though)... the weather seems cool & I could sleep tightly... In fact, the light rain make my day smooth & most importantly I'm not sweat... dizzy... uncomfortable.... etc! I hate when the climate heat reach to 34oC - 38oC... Gila panas terik beb.... Still, the cloudy weather brings difficulty to us when its come to laundry.... huhuhuhuhu.... abis baju mak berbau! yet, I can't go to Seberang Takir for my fav 'ikan celup tepung'... oh no... NO KOPOK LEKOR also... NO KOPOK KEPING... so what should I eat??? oh yeahhh.... nasi dagang ! slurpp yum yumyum... 

Enjoy your cloudy weekend dear ! peace yaw...

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