Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ink Meets Paper

love the ideas of letterpress printing... Really adore their letterpress design using that oldskool printing press machine... its priceless!! They are husband & wife (Allison + Daniel) from ink meets paperpress. They create a short video story for each design. Hope you love it as much as I do...

[vid story]

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

*Ideas for My Living Area*

yellow theme
B&W with pop of colour
totally B&W
fuschia + natural theme

Hello dear.. today i'm just about researching on fresh design for my living.. well, its already a year & still me and hubby live in a mess house. We need a new perspective rite now to be more productive. Don't u think so?? gosh....

Personally.. myself is more to simple with B&W theme. But u know la... sumtimes our family come & visit us. And for sure my mom will yell at me 'bout whats going on with my mind. She love to influence me with those 'makcik-makcik' theme with lot of flowery, gaudi look or 'luxurious' theme.. She hates black. She will annoy me with all the colours. ermmm... yeah i knew! She's a mother aite.. they always rite even though i am an interior designer. However, me more 'same kepale' with abah.. hahhahah... he love recycling thing just like me. he love the concept of 'Less is more' just like me.. hahhahahha... okay la, enuff rumbling!!

Which concept should i take?? oh my hubby??? well he's not gonna be pain in my a**... He just love what I choose as long as doesn't make him broke.. muahahhaha.. Ala.. cantik cam mane pun nanti dia jgk yg sepah2kan... sabo je la.. 

That's all for now! Still in research mode. Any ideas shall share wif me or u can even share wif me what the best blog i can 'say-hye' instead!! Thanks (>________<)v

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Monday, January 14, 2013

love note to Mr Bong!

hello lovelies... today i felt lovely yet miserable... ermm! confuse wif myself. But i just want to wish to my hubby, Mr. Bong - Happy belated birthday & Happy anniversary - keep on counting the number & never stop!! we've been thru high & low, thick & thin together as our love growth incredibly.  Wish u all the blast, happiness, lovely, prosper & good health forever!! 

Here I dedicate a beautiful note just for u:

v( >__< )v

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