Tuesday, August 30, 2011

f e s t i v . n o t i s : its already Eid Mubarak!

hooray... Alhamdulillah! selesai sudah 1 bulan kita menjalani ibadah puase!! now, its raya time... how's your Ramadhan guys?? well, we hope to meet Ramadhan again next year... pray for long life & good health. This year we (me + hubby) celebrate raya at my place.. so, i want to make some check list here: 
  • gosok baju... done!
  • alter baju... done!
  • cleaning house... done!
  • prepare the festive meal... done!
  • duit raye... done!
  • mintak maaf..??? erk.. alamak x sempat nk text to all my frens la..
ok..ok... here on my page, I wish u all guys 'Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri'... and I want to apologies for all the mistake... my misbehave... my words.. my saying... hope u guys forgive me & I already forgive u back... Maaf zahir batin & have a wonderful + blessing Eidulfitri... and not to forget, stay healthy & take care... mmmuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhhsss.... time to sleep!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Suasana Tarawikh di Mesir 2010

In this day full of bless (Friday), here I embeded a grace & blessful vid of tarawikh moment in Egypt. Subhanallah.... todays learning, there's no excuses if u really sincere in worship & devotion. Hav a blessful day my dear frens!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

f e s t i v . n o t i s : its almost Eid Mubarak!

yippie yeay... its almost hari raye! just another 3 days to go... and we gonna celebrate our victory of successful ibadah during Ramadhan... how's your preparation mate? got your new clothes? shoes? cookies? ang pow? hahahaha..... yup, there's a very long queue in all banks this whole week. New note of RM1 out of stock... so kids, no duit raye! muahahahhahaha... tomorrow, me & husband & our bro & sis will headed back to hometown - Terengganu... feel homesick already :( Insyallah, plan your holiday well & have a safe-wonderful journey my frens !

[pic story]
Eid ul-Fitr Wikipedia

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DOLORES O'RIORDAN When we were young (official video) 07/07

when we were young... what hav we done? Lot of mistakes i guess. So, this Ramadhan let us muhasabah ourself & ask for forgiveness from people we hurted... and hurted most of all the time ... yeah, i knew! we always hurted our parents! enjoy...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

t o d a y' s f a v :

Do you remember this candy?? from your childhood?? definitely for me... they r my fav back in school... they came in colourful wrapper & the best part is, its inner clear wrapping paper... yeah i know! we can eat the wrapper... hahhahahah... i believe it is a sugar paper... I bought this 3 days ago at Tesco... dh lame x mkn gula-gula ni... In my hometown (terengganu..) we called it 'cokelat udang'! so, whats your childhood candy that u really miss to hav now?

The Sun (feat. Nili) - Villeneuve

The Sun (feat. Nili) - Villeneuve from duriez jérémie on Vimeo.

Well enjoy this beautiful vid & song ! have a beautiful weekend my frens :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bjork : Biophilia (The Album Cover)

Do you love Bjork music?? I do.. love her uniq music & style... she is what she want to be!! This is her new album cover design for Biophilia... interesting aite?? visit her avant-garde website here. oh yeah, she dare enuff to appear with big orange hair & electric blue dress in her showcase at MIF (Manchester International Festival)... Listen to her song & u gonna be addicted... enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nikon HD Video Showcase "Perfect Coffee" [HD]

today is all about coffee... i just love to have a hot white coffee for sahur! makes me refresh & energetic! coffee is good to start my day. So here, a short film 'bout a woman in long drive just to get a perfect cup of coffee... they shot this HD vid using Nikon D7000.. well, i like the entry of coffee brewing part! **salivating**... wish to shoot a vid also using my humble D3100.... have a cup of coffee tonight guys!! and will know the satisfaction... hihihiihiihihiihih....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Zee Avi - The Book Of Morris Johnson

My earliest entry was 'bout tribal fashion frm our dearest Ms. Yuna... Now, a tribal music by another talented local singer, Zee Avi... I love this song.. Its seem so magical & unic... the glitters... the sparkle.. the ethnic dance... the surrounding.. its reminds me to the disney movie actually... hav u watched 'Tangle' or 'The princess & the frog' ?? this vid kind of reflect a bit of 'sabahan' (well, she's from borneo aite!).. I spot a glitter hornbill flying across in this vid.... enjoy this magical+glittery vid song by Zee Avi !

[vid story]
via zee avi official website

i n s p i r a s i : monday 15.08.11

i love her... she's 1 of my muse in fashion! she's got the package... great in music (check it out 1 of her vid here).. great pesona.. great style... great inspiration & also she's have great label too. This season, she came out with tribal inspiration... really heart how she wore those turban (yeap it is hijabi's trend now!) & u can wear it easily with Yuna's own label - jetcircle scarf. well, have an inspiration working day folks!

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via ~ http://lookbook.nu/yunazarai

Thursday, August 11, 2011

t o d a y' s f a v :

Hey guys! do u love leather good as i am?? ermm... maybe i'm not so into label's bag but more to satchel or envelope or messenger bag! they look cool & vintage... yeah, my hubby always nagging me on my bag collection & addiction on buying bag... but then, i turn out to use only 1 same bag everyday. Ngehngehngeh.... not my fault! (hell-ya...). Above are some adorable + cool collection of messenger bag designed by XO Bruno. Cool for school, works or everyday life... stay awesome my frens:D

[pic story]
~ info via Erin Loechner

my [w a r d r o b e] ideas!

For this coming raye, I'm so into nude color! and my mission accomplish coz I already owned this nude latex wedges.... hahhahahah.... gonna rock myself this year! There's still few things to hunt but i'm broke now! Oh God... i'm an addict ( online-shoppaholic! )... I think this nude color shoe is sexy & wearing them gonna bring out my ultimate confidence experience during raya! well, I guess so & hope so... uhhh nk menyedapkan hati je kan! I rarely buy heels and just go for flat... so, this is my new entry of appearance. wish not to hurt my foot!! happy raya-shopping folks :D

[pic story]
1- Angelina Jolie wearing jimmy choo's nude peep toe
2- from top ~ franco sarto wedges : CK peep toe (my fav) : corso como pump shoe

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

t h e p a l l e t t e : Tuesday 09.08.11

Love this vintage collection of Pashley bicycle.. Origin from UK and it is British hand building bicycle since 1926. The founder was William 'Rath' Pashley. I really heart their series of princess & tri-cycle... so classic & la cirque... hehehehe... have a wonderful fasting day !

Saturday, August 6, 2011

t o d a y' s f a v :

Both my girls in the office love to talk 'bout their pet... they love cat.. it makes me wonder to have one. I love cat... love the attitude...love their 'mengade-ngade'... love their notti... love everything 'bout them... but except when they start to poops everywhere... it's gonna rise my temper! hahahhaha.... i used to have not 1 but 5 cats... now still have a white cat at my mom house... here are a snapshot of animal with spontaneous pose.... aren't they cute?? so, whats your favourite pet?

[pic story]
~ I found this pic thru pinterest

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my [s t o r y ] : Iftar Time!

Last night, me & dear hubby had this delightful meal for our Iftar... Chicken Kabsah (half chicken set)... actually for us, this portion enuff for 2 person... we are Malay not Arab.... hehhehehe....We 'tapau' from Saba Restaurant  (The Yemen Dishes). The meal came with tomato gravy & sour+sweet chili paste... erkk... I'm not sure what to call 'em actually!! it is so good & I can eat again for sahur... However, both of us prefer Lamb Kabsah more. Unfortunate, my migraine won't go away yesterday !! i couldn't eat lamb... the blood pressure gonna hurt my head more! next time maybe.... well, what i'm gonna have for Iftar today??? i think we should headed to Bazaar Ramadhan... where they sell variety of local & foreign dishes.... that's what I love about Ramadhan...the Variety of Food... Selamat Berbuka semua !

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- google gallery

The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love (with Jimmy Nicol)

time to rock n roll, oldskool style! The Beatles is always in my favourite list! watch this vid & see how their fan crash the stage but still they could maintain their performance! ooohhh... btw, i think someone throw sumthing to John aite?? enjoy folks!

Man Bai feat Raihan - Harapan Ramadhan

my fav song for Ramadhan & Eidulfitri since i'm in high school.... I dedicated this song song to all muslim around the world! have a wonderful Ramadhan & may we, us being bless by the Great One ! Insyallah...

Monday, August 1, 2011

f e s t i v . n o t i s : its Ramadhan !

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak kepada semua muslimin & muslimat. Saye ingin mohon maaf atas segala kekurangan atau kesilapan yang disengajakan ataupun tak disengajakan. I really love Ramadhan. Its a month full of joy, great food, sale, gathering, kindness, honesty & bless from Allah. Semoga kita tabah menghadapi segala dugaan, cabaran dan menjadi muslim yang lebih baik, berdisiplin & melakukan ibadah dengan lebih sempurna.... have a wondeful fasting day people :D