Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OMG ! : 'Tartu Rebase Street'

the urban architecture
the side elevation view
facade & balcony view
the spiral staircase view & architecture's detail
This is a flexible concept estate housing located in Tartu, Estonia. It is designed by Atelier Thomas Pucher. This magnificent architecture features 2 worlds collide : the low cost apartment life & the luxurious villa lifestyle, with wide access to private outdoor spaces. The total built-up area is 29,200 sqm. And this is a compact villa organized in zoning. Which the middle part of the building contain a spiral staircase, and there are 2 rings of spaces in plan view : the inner ring & the outer ring. The inner ring close to the lobby is design for active zone which include bathroom, kitchen, entrance, wardrobe, toilets & sauna.... For the outer ring oriented to the outside panoramas is more to relaxing area... it is require for living & less noise area than the inner ring zone. So, are u folks love to live in this such urban & hybrid architecture ?

[pic & info]
~ reference : freshome.com

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