Tuesday, July 12, 2011

C o l o r M o d e !

Lately I noticed that color blocking is a trend now in Kuala Lumpur... ermm... are u dare enuff to wear those vibrant & different color to mix n match ? well... for me, i'm not that bold & brave ! I just can wear 2 different color at 1 time & dare to go out confidently ! as what i'm wearing today, i tried to pull out few colors for my working attire... but end up with all black + brown leather bag + shocking pink wrist watch + navy blue hijab + colorful gem necklace & suede black shoe ! yup.. of course black is so my pesona... its okay, at least i tried to assemble different colors (... even though just wore color accessories !! ). hehehhehehe.... according to UK Vogue, this rainbow nation trends start last 2010 summer collection as they stated as 'the riot of colors'... well dear, why not we starting to wear this rainbow nation just for fun & before the trend will 'shut down'... have a colorful working day folks :D

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