Friday, July 1, 2011

my [p e r s o n a l s p a c e] ideas !

I really heart retro-wooden furniture... This combination just perfect for my imaginary dining set ! (hopefully my wish come true..**cross finger**)..... complete with throw wool carpet in dark grey....and I'm gonna deco a tiny green bush in a mirror effect pot as my centerpiece... how 'bout industrial pendant in black for lighting purpose? awesome aite! what else....yup, not to forget a perfect dinner ware by DVF & perfect meal (erkk.... cook by me???)... this visual will be super-perfect if my dear husband in the picture :D hahahhahahah..... (b'coz he is my banker so credit for him ! ngehngengehngeh...**gelak jahat**). so, whats your imaginary dining area?? share with me please....

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