Monday, September 12, 2011

timber + ideas = awesome architecture!


I do love great architecture. Here are some sneek peek on urban architecture with timber implication. However, today's designer are more to green construction so they gonna use eco-friendly engineered timber. In Malaysia, there are a few of trusted company who produce this green product for todays construction. Yeah... as we all know, usually green stuff a bit more pricy in market. Therefore, most of local contractor or sub-contractor prefer to use product from China because they provide cheaper stuff compare to others... Why? me dunno either. Maybe they hav a lot of cheap labor.. or China is a big land so they hav a tonne of ground minerals & raw materials source... do you ever heard this phrase before : "Leave it to China, everything is possible!".... well, I do support design with green label & let us together protect the enviro with more green building. As shown above, timber 1 of my fav materials to create fascinating interior and same goes to exterior... which great architecture do you love frorm around world? and myself, I still amazed with Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright... a collaboration of stones and natures...

Falling Water design by Frank Lloyd Wright

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above picas via
below pic via Great Buildings

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