Friday, September 30, 2011

w o n d e r f u l w e e k e n d !

Hello lovelies ! so, u already got plan to do this weekend?? i believe u've got wonderful plan.... as for me, nope I still dunno what to do... maybe its still another laundry day! or I go movie marathon wif dear hubby... or maybe I gonna hang out wif bunch of my girl-frens! yup.. sound great.. ermmm.... gonna make some calls! ooohhhh, I just miss all my frens rite now! wanna dress-to-impress, window shop, hav great lunch, drink a coffee, taking photgraph.... and the best part is GOSSIPING ! hahahahahaha..... helloooo, is there anybody available?? hav a cheerful holiday folks :D

[pic story]
illustration via my fav virtual pinboard!

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