Thursday, August 4, 2011

my [s t o r y ] : Iftar Time!

Last night, me & dear hubby had this delightful meal for our Iftar... Chicken Kabsah (half chicken set)... actually for us, this portion enuff for 2 person... we are Malay not Arab.... hehhehehe....We 'tapau' from Saba Restaurant  (The Yemen Dishes). The meal came with tomato gravy & sour+sweet chili paste... erkk... I'm not sure what to call 'em actually!! it is so good & I can eat again for sahur... However, both of us prefer Lamb Kabsah more. Unfortunate, my migraine won't go away yesterday !! i couldn't eat lamb... the blood pressure gonna hurt my head more! next time maybe.... well, what i'm gonna have for Iftar today??? i think we should headed to Bazaar Ramadhan... where they sell variety of local & foreign dishes.... that's what I love about Ramadhan...the Variety of Food... Selamat Berbuka semua !

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