Tuesday, August 30, 2011

f e s t i v . n o t i s : its already Eid Mubarak!

hooray... Alhamdulillah! selesai sudah 1 bulan kita menjalani ibadah puase!! now, its raya time... how's your Ramadhan guys?? well, we hope to meet Ramadhan again next year... pray for long life & good health. This year we (me + hubby) celebrate raya at my place.. so, i want to make some check list here: 
  • gosok baju... done!
  • alter baju... done!
  • cleaning house... done!
  • prepare the festive meal... done!
  • duit raye... done!
  • mintak maaf..??? erk.. alamak x sempat nk text to all my frens la..
ok..ok... here on my page, I wish u all guys 'Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri'... and I want to apologies for all the mistake... my misbehave... my words.. my saying... hope u guys forgive me & I already forgive u back... Maaf zahir batin & have a wonderful + blessing Eidulfitri... and not to forget, stay healthy & take care... mmmuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhhsss.... time to sleep!

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