Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Story : Honey We Rock at Sabah (Day 1)

After 6 months planning... Finally me & hubby are here in Sabah... It is a great city with beautiful island. However, there's some 'deffect' at a very begining of our 2nd honeymoon... We arrived late frm schedule as our flight delay in Labuan. We stuck at Labuan for almost 11 hrs and what MAS had serve us? A lunch box of stupid fried rice with small fried chicken..... OMG! My temperature want to explode already.... Sucks!

So, we spent our time at old town white coffee... Drank for about 4 glass of ice coffee & not to forget dwnloading eveything as OTWC serve a free wifi.. Hahahhahaaha.... That's part for our beautiful journey... Learn from experience.... Thank God, as today we really had a fun & beautiful day in both Mamutik & Manukan island....

I do want to promote this 2 islands to those who planning holiday in Sabah... I tell ya, here are the best island so far in Malaysia that we already went to. Let me tell ya why:

1- both island exclusively beautiful & awesome
2- they've got clean enviro with tip top supervise
3- their service completely awesome & 1st class.... I lov it!
4- the beach really in good hand & we both felt the exclusiveness..
5- the crowd in control
6- the bbq lunch buffet worth your money...

*but why i cant upload my picas? Haiya..... Already scrwed the excitemnt*

Well..... Come & see yourself. And I believe there are more beautiful island in Sabah. Just choose the best for your budget... Tommorow we will go another great place.... Cant wait but poor hubby. Delay time in Labuan made him sick & I dunno, he just cant stand with hot weather.... Mengade2... Hahahhahaha.... Gud nite dear!

[pics story]
Only 2 picas upload successfully!
1- corals at Mamutik Island
2- jetty at Manukan Island (grab frm the web)

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