Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Number Sixteen Hotel

Adoi.... hari yg sgt tension bila sakit gigi.... arrgghhhhh.... Evrything seem 'pain in the a**'!!! Okay la... something to distract myself... I found this 'ooohhh' & 'aaahhhh' kind of awesome interior with awesome colour block scheme. This is a hotel based in London called the Number Sixteen Hotel. Ermmm... sorry this not sooo related story wif what I feel rite now. Dun care just want to share wif ya!

Well... i'm in the mood of holiday. Still looking for the best hotel & places to go. Mix up some colours to make your life more lively & fun... Hav a colourful working day!

***Oooohhhh.... it's really hurt rite now!***

[pic story]
found this via The Cool Hunter

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