Wednesday, October 5, 2011

t o d a y' s f a v:

I'm freezing rite now! so cold here in my studio... ooohhhh ! I feel like to hav sumthing sweet & yummy... look at this pics above... salivating already! It is nice to have those lovy-berry dessert... nom..nom..nom... for me that little red-berry thing will upgrade ur food appearance looks more yummy! hahahha... I'm craving for this peanut butter pies & creme-brulee. If u want something cool... this popsicle will seduce your soul badly (oh God! what i'm saying)... then, raspberry lemonade to wash down your throat gently! hahahhahah.... have a delicious lunch my frens!

[pic story]
1 ~ rasberry topping cheesecake : project foodie, meringues cuppies :, mini blueberry pancake : flickr, tiramisu triflles : my baking addiction
2 ~ Individual peanut butter pies : my baking addiction
3 ~ Orange + honey creme brulee : betty bake
4 ~ Home made popsicle : green wedding shoes
5 ~ Raspberry lemonade : my baking addiction


  1. everything looks so yummy i want want to eat......if only i on no dessert diet and this hurts me to death. sedappppnyerrrrr

  2. hahhaha... ala, just diet on nasi je! jom aku belanje mkn dessert! last week i had creme brulee.. owhh sungguh x sedap langsung! soooo frustrated.. ko tau kt mn yg best x?


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