Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i n s p i r a s i : wednesday 12.10.2011

*bi-color filter*
*bleach by pass*
*infrared thermal*
*photo stylizer*

1 photo... 5 looks! yeah... i know. u can do more.... orait..orait! but what i really want to state here is u can play around creatively wif a single cute pic... and i've been inspired by I wonder blogspot. There's a lot of editing software in the market u can choose! as for me, i'm a big fan to Adobe Photoshop Illustration... well, i do used a plug in together with Adobe. My frens from Indonesia used to introduce me wif Nik.Software.Color.Effect.Pro... and it really fun & easy! other fav editing software are Coreldraw, Google Picasa and more... In fact, there's also instant photo editor apps on the phone... ridiculous aite??? the most popular apps of course instagram... (yeah... cool for iphone user !). So, grab your gadget... take photo... and hav fun wif editing! hahhahahahahah

Owh... btw, this is my nephew on my hubby side! Isn't he cute... his name Faris! This photo taken on our last visit to Gambang Waterpark... peace ya!

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