Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OMG ! : 'Shanghai Museum of Glass'

Museum of Glass is another 'masterpiece'  from Shanghai. As the cool hunter posted the article last week, it is 1 of 100 museum will be launch in a decade as part of Shanghai's campaign of becoming globally important culture & creative centre. The architecture & exterior were designed by Shanghai-based German firm, LOGON. Germany's Glashutte Lambets supplied the enameled glass for the museum facade inscribed with glass-industry terms in 10 languages.

Meanwhile, Coordination-Asia responsible for overall museum concept, interior, art direction & design. However, the designer (Tilman Thurmer) said that they used black lacquered glass for interior but left the existing structure untouched. The building is a former glass making workshop. That create a fantastic & elegant view... yeah, me myself really crush to black scheme! What's you guys think?? awesome aite !

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