Friday, March 23, 2012

t o d a y' s f a v: 'Sarsi Popsicle'!

Hola readers... (if any...i guess!!?). Sorry for a quite long hiatus. Seem pretty much works to be solve lately! oooohhhhh, what a hot & exhausted day ahead... It is 'summer' hit KL rite now! the weather soooo uncomfortable. I always felt exhausted & sometime I do feel like fever.... dah rase suam-suam kuku dah! Adoiya pun... Time2 hot macam ni rase mcm nk mkn popsicle sarsi just like the pica above... reminds me on my childhud feveret... what 'bout u??

Hav a cool working days ( i knew ur office got aircond aite?) !!

[pic story]
coke popsicle via endlesssimmer

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