Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Table !

Last 2 week me + hubby just moved in to a new house... An apartment of 3 bedrooms & 2 bath. Nice residential & green surround! The 1st thing we bought is a dining table. Me myself did few research to find the almost perfecto-table (well... everything not perfect aite?).. ermmm... as always black is beauty ! yet, me still searching for the rite chair to create beautiful piece & satisfy myself.

Above are two inspirational table for whom want sumthing new, bold, modern & sofiticated. Personally I deeply in crush wif black + yellow. It's a combination of sleek modern + elegance profile + bright color! It's designed by Kenyo Nyeh, a London based designer. The second pica is a coffee table from Bloom X collection & designed by MTH Woodworks.

Gorgeous piece brings awesome look !

[pic info]
all picas via Contemporist

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