Monday, March 28, 2011

Bajou Bazaar at Solaris Dutamas

[ The Scene ]
[ free cupcakes for evryone + lovely shoes ]

[ others booth + cika's masterpiece + me & hubby + erin & the gang]

Yesterday evening (Sunday, March 27), I went to Bajou Bazaar at Solaris Dutamas. Just go to support my best buddy on her cakes booth. She sold macaroons (my fav), cuppies, cakes, tembosa, roti john (tukang masaknye En. Aman) & a refreshing ice lemon tea (my hubby fav). Dear, I knew u've got the recipe frm your sis-in-law rite?? Aman told us already... hahhhahahah..... Anyway, there's a lot of stuff being displayed & sold. Some really attractive & vintage! My favourite is Button My Buttons booth... Oh gosh!! i'm in love wif her shoes... indeed :D Check her blog to view others awesome stuff... As seen in pic above, the small cuppies were given F.O.C to everyone! Nice.. love her red velvet cuppy! Btw... lady with little boy & purple guy is my buddy Erin from bread & butter .Wish her all the best!

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  1. hi, thanks a million hope u can continue to support us n sayang its actually bijou bazaar.


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